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University of Toronto Scarborough
Matthias Niemeier

Higher motor control Reaching and grasping Carp Chapter 12 SAQ Overview The planning of movement by the cerebral cortex 1. Motor cortex a. Area 4 and area 6 of the frontal lobe 2. Area 6 - Penfield a. Higher motor area b. Lateral region  premotor area (PMA) c. Medial region  supplementary motor area (SMA) d. Motor maps in PMA and SMA i. Similar functions 1. Different groups of muscles innervated ii. Different functions ? 3. Contributions of posterior parietal and prefrontal cortex a. Represent highest levels of motor control i. Decisions made about actions and their outcome b. Area 5 i. Inputs from areas 3, 1, and 2 c. Area 7 i. Inputs from higher order visual cortical areas such as MT d. Anterior frontal lobes i. Abstract thought ii. Decision making iii. Anticipating consequences of action e. Area 6 i. Actions converted into signals specifying how actions will be performed Population vectors in M1 1. Population vectors represent the collective activity of many neurons in M1 a. The input-output organization of M1 i. Betz cells 1. Pyramidal cells in cortical layer 5 ii. Two sources of input to M1
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