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NROC64 - Lecture 1 - Winter 2012

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Matthias Niemeier

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Lecture 1 January 13 2012y 13we know little about the brain y 14selfexplanatory SE y 15brain system is very complex y 16a way to study the brain is by studying simpler brains y 17SE y 18SE y 19Overviewy 20SE y 21tastes help us identify material harmful to ushelp us survive y 22 SE y 23tip of tongue more sensitive to sweetness sides for bitterness y 24SE y 25taste buds are found on papillaethey are found on the side of the papillae y 26taste buds are a collection of taste receptor cellshave action potentials y 27taste occurs from a variety of tastantstuning different receptor cells respond to different tastes and the combination of this in a taste bud which contains a lot of taste cells creates taste y 28how is taste producedthere are 3 mechanisms for taste 1 tastants could pass directly through ion channels 2 they can bind to and block ion channels 3 they can bind to G protein coupled recep
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