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Lecture 2

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Matthias Niemeier

NROC64H3SSensory and Motor SystemsLecture 2012012Short Answer Question Describe the sensory transduction of the taste of bitter within a taste cell In which way is this process similar to that of the taste of sweet Despite the commonality how can we distinguish bw bitter and sweet Both are GPCR not exactly the sameCa ions released from intracellular Ca storages and CA INFLUXCommonality is that they are of the tongue not too important but there are more cells that are atuned tothanmaybe to bitter IntroductionSignificance of Vision Relationship bw human eye and cameraRetina contains photoreceptorsconvert light energy into neural activity and detects differences in intensity of lightProperties of LightLight Light and electromagnetic radiation electromagnetic radiation measurement of wavelength frequency amplitude Optics Study of light rays and their interactions Reflection Bounce light off surface Absorption Transfer of lightparticlesurface Refraction Bending of light rays from 1 to anotherThe Structure of the EyeGross Anatomy Pupil Opening where light enters eye Sclera White of the eye Iris Color of eyes Cornea Glassy transparent external surface of eye Optic nerve Bundle of axons from retina BLIND SPOT FOR LEFT EYE IS TEMPORAL SIDE BLIND SPOT FOR RIGHT EYE IS NASAL SIDE Opthalmoscopic Appearance of the EyeEye Disorders 1 Strabism In early childhood training for weaker eye 2 Cataract With The lends happens with old age treated with laser or artificial lens 3 Glaucoma Higher pressure in one eye than another ends with blindness4 Detached Retina With older eyes aging eye 5 Retinitis Pigmentosa Genetic disease results in atrophy of retina lose periphery vision and night vision then blindnessImage Formation by the EyeEye collects lights focuses on retina form imagesRefraction of light by the cornea
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