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Lecture 3

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Matthias Niemeier

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NROC64H3SSensory and Motor Systems Lecture 3012712IntroductionNeurons in Visual System Neural processing resulting in perceptionParallel Pathway serving conscious visual perception originate in retina Progress to LGN 1ARY VChigher order visual areas in temporal and parietal lobesNeuronal receptive fields Sensitive to different facets of visual inputAnatomy of Striate Cortex Where is V1Striate Cortex locatedRetinotopyMap of visual field onto target structure retina LGN S Colliculus Striate Cortexoverrepresentation of Central Visual FieldDiscrete point of lightactivate many cells in target structure overlapping RFs WILL ALWAYS ACTIVATE1 CELL photoreceptor strikes manyPerception Based on brains interpretation of distributed patterns of activity NOBODY READS THISLayers in V1Lamination of Striate CortexLayers IVISpiny Stellate Cells Spinecovered dendrites layer IVCPyramidal cells Spines thick apical dendrite basal dendritesInhibitory neurons Lack spines all cortical layers forms local connections Inputs and OutputsInputs of Striate CortexMagnocellular LGN neurons Project to Layer IVCaIVBParvocellular LGN neurons Project to to layer IVCbIIIKoniocellular LGN axons Bypasses layer IVSynapse in layer IIIIIOcular Dominance Columns and Orientation Columns LOOKS LIKE GINERPRINT FROM AERIAL VIEW blood can be used oxygenated and deoxygenated whiteright eye blackleft eye Pinwheels of orientationInputs to Striate CortexLayer IVC innervates superficial layers
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