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Lecture 7

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Matthias Niemeier

NROC64H3SSensory and Motor SystemsLecture 7 030212Short Answer Explain the McGurk Effect Fah bad dah thingIntroductionMotor Programs Motor system Muscles and neurons that control muscles Role Generation of coordinated movements Parts of motor control 1 Spinal cordcoordinated movements 2 Brain motor programs in SC The Somatic Motor SystemTypes of Muscles 1 Smooth Digestive tract arteries related structures 2 Striated Cardiacheart and skeletalbulk of body muscle mass Somatic Musculature skeletal 1 Axialtrunk movement 2 Proximalshoulder elbow pelvis knee movement 3 Distal Hands feet digits movement Think axialclose proximal next close distalFARThe Lower Motor Neuronlower motor neuron Innervated by ventral horn of SCUpper motor neuron Supplies input to SC30 segmentsVentral HornCervical and lumbar are swollen Mediallateral axialdistal Dorsalventral flexorsextensors THINK OF EXAMPLE ON RIGHT SynergistsantagonistAlpha Motor Neurons 2 lower motor neuronsALPHA and GAMMA Motor unitalpha neuronmuscle fibers Motor neuron pool populations of lower motor neurons innervating 1 muscleThe Somatic SystemGraded Control of Muscle Contraction by Alpha Motor Neurons 1 Varying firing of motor neurons More Ach release temporal summation2 Recruit additional synergistic motor units 3 Small and large motor neurons more muscle fibersTypes OF Motor Units 1 Red muscle fibers Lots of mito and enzymesslow to contract can sustain contraction
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