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Janelle Leboutillier

Chapter 14Central Motor System has 3 levels a Association areas of neocortex and basal ganglia of forebrain strategygoal of the movement and movemtn strategy that best achieves the goal b Motor cortex and cerebellum tacticsthe sequences of muscle contractions arranged in space and time to achieve the goal c Brain stem and spinal cord executionactivation of motor neuron and interneuron pools that generate goaldirected movement and make necessary adjustments to posture DESCENDING SPINAL TRACTSAxons from brain descend through spinal cord along two major groups of pathways Lateral Pathways involved in voluntary movement of distal musculature and are under direct cortical controlVentromedial Pathways involved in control of posture and locomotion and are under brain stem control The Lateral PathwaysCorticospinal TractOriginates in the neocortexTwo thirds of the axons in the tract originate in areas 4 and 6 of frontal lobe aka motor cortex Most of the remaining axons in the corticospinal tract derive from somatosensory areas of the parietal lobe and serve to regulate the flow of somatosensory information to brain Axons from Cortexpass through internal capsule bridging the telencephalon and thalamusbase of the cerebral pedu
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