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Lecture 10 t The Hippocampus
Video: W5 investigates intriguing new theory about MS
x Patients with MS may have a brand new condition aggravating/causing the disease
x High level of toxic iron in brain tissue (causes inflammation and cell death)
o BUT why is it there?
x Uses ultrasound to scan heads and necks of MS patients
x Evidence of narrowing of the vein in MS patients Æ not draining out but flowing back up and
depositing iron there
x What happen if you open block vein?
o Using balloons to repair malformed vein
x 6 layers in neocortex
What is Hippocampus?
x Large amount of plasticity
o Changes in the brain t makes it adaptable
x Involved in declarative memory (regurgitation of facts)
What is the HC susceptible to?
x Alzheimer[s disease t problems with learning and memory and gets worse with time
o Damage in HC
x Highest seizure susceptibility
x Lowest seizure threshold
o More susceptible to seizure
o Require less change for seizures to occur
x Vulnerable to effects of ischemia and hypoxia
o Ischemia (block blood flow to the brain t lack of oxygen, glucose)
Location and Organization of HC and Dentate Gyrus
x In temporal lobe t towards the base
x Part of the limbic system
x Hippocampal formation includes t larger structure encompasses:
o Dentate gyrus, Hippocampus proper
Hippocampus Pyramidal Cells
x Primarily excitatory neurons
x Effect threshold level
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