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NROB60 LEC03 LeBout Summer 2012

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Janelle Leboutillier

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(To be prepped for labs)
Study Atlas, know nomenclature, spelling
- so then when you get there, you are focusing on structures of brain
Bread Example
Recall: Bread Example
- saggital cut = split down the top
- like how bread is pre-cut when purchased
Cerebral Hemisphere Surfacing (2 main types)
- LISSENCEPHALIC - no gryi (convulutions)
- ie. no fissures either
- ex. rodent brain
=> v.flat brains
- GYRENCEPHALIC - both gyri & sulci present, making the surface highly folded &
convoluted adjective
1. intricately folded/twisted/coiled
Very complicated or detailed.
- made of 3 layers of connective tissue memb's
- these memb's are there to surround & protect CNS
- ensures that direct contact is not made with brain and bone of skull lying
on top of it (ie. overlying)
More Information
- the layer we were pulling off in Lab 1 was Pia mater

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- which is on top of grey matter (ie. cerebral cortex)
- white matter
- corpus callosum lies in here
- grey matter
= cerebral cortex
- dura mater
- outermost membranal region
- due to it being v.thick and tough, it provides protection to brain
Other Components
- arachnoid mater
- subarachnoid space
- arachnoid trabeculae
= spider web-like structures that join pia mater with arachnoid mater.
Meninges Conclusion
- all comp's of it provide protection for brain
[E] - Question about ordering in which the memb's come in
*key to remember which order they come in
- pia always next to cortex
- dura is always out by bone

Only pages 1-3 are available for preview. Some parts have been intentionally blurred.

--> Dura Mater - "Hard Mother"
- most outer memb.
- memb that is most closest to skull
- consistent layer of toughness, inelasticity
=> inelastic => unable to be moved easily at all
- adheres to "cranium"
- hard bone case in animals that give head its shape & protects brain
cranium noun [ C ] plural craniums or crania SPECIALIZED
the hard bone case in animals and humans, which gives the head its shape and protects the
adhere r / /-verb [ I ] FORMAL
to stick firmly
--> Arachnoid Mater "Web-Like Mother"
- middle memb
- arachnoid trabeculae are the structures/processes that give it its web-like appearance
- structures can easily collapse tho.
WRT Sheep Brain
- all the components of the meninges (except pia mater) were removed prior to us
receiving the brains
--> Subarachnoid Space
- space b/ween arachnoid mater & pia mater
- filled w/ CSF
- one of major comp's of (l) layer in meninges that ventricular sys. flows thro.
- b/c it surrounds brain, it helps protect it by adding cushioning, buoyancy
--> Pia mater - "Gentle Mother"
- inner most membranal area
- sticks closely & firmly to brain's cerebral cortex
- thin & elastic (CONTRAST: dura mater)
- major blood vessels travel. thro. pia mater surface and penetrate brain tissue
- v.thin, like saran wrap
- major blood vessels course thro. this region easily
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