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William Seager

 Determinism- the world it was in the past, it was determined which way you will go  Deny determinism  But if you thrown in determinism in the world then it doesn't help  If determinism isn't true then it's a random decision  And we are not free even if it's just random event  If we have free will then we need to go between determinism and non determinism  Compatibilism  Hard determinism - claims d is true o Freedom and d are incompatible o We do not have freedom of will  Libertarianism (not political theory) o We do have free will o D and freedom are incompatible o Therefore, determinism is false  Soft Derterminism o Determinism is true o We have freedom of will o Therefore, freedom and determinism are compatible o Valid argument  Libertarianism o Tell by direct introspection o Feels like what choice it is up to me what action to do o How can we feel free? o Determinism would say that out of character actions we can find why choices are made o Have outside influence  Whether god knew what people would choice if they are free  Some people thought god knew, cause then we wont be free  Doesn't matter if god knows, what matters is when we make the choice  God doesn't make us choose  Solved- god can know  Responsibility argument  If we are not free then no one is ever responsible for any action  Sometimes people are responsible for their actions  Therefore, we (sometimes, some of us) are free  Can say its an illusion that we are responsible  Need a different picture of responsibility  SOFT DETERMINISM  Hume's S acts freely= S could have done otherwise IF S had wanted to do otherwise  If he had wanted to go to the bar then he would go to hte bar, if he had want to then he would have gone. What he wanted was determined by distant past! Humes- so what? He would still done so.  Tied to chair in the room, not free, can't leave. You like being tied up if you wanted to leave you could have left. But no, then you are not free in this case  A robber gun at head and give wallet, if you give wallet over then Hume would say it's a free action  Is a free act but not responsible, push the button to blow up plan, or gun to head  There are fre
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