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Lecture 1/2 September 5, 2013 3:30 PM AdministrativeInformation Textbook - Core Questions in Philosophy (5th/6thEd.) Website - Evaluation Weekly exercises 5% total 2 papers 22% each 40 min midtermquiz 16% Final exam 35% ____________________________________________________________________________________ What is Philosophy? - Logic - Uses reasoning to solve problems - Metaphysics - Existentialism ○ Why do we exist? ○ Does God Exist? ○ Is God omnipotent -> leads to paradoxes - Histomology- how do we know things? PhilosophicalQuestions: - Fundamentals - Philosophical labs - General ○ Thought experiments -> think of situation, - Conceptual Analysis use conceptual analysis to solve What is an Argument? - Statementsdesigned to prove a point - Premisesrelevant to a conclusion ○ Premisesmust give good reasons to believe the conclusion DeductivelyValid Arguments: - An argument is deductively valid when: IF the premises are true, the conclusion MUST be true ○ This validity arises from the logical form of the argument - There are only valid arguments. Ideas, statements=/= valid or invalid "If you live in Toronto, you live in Canada George lives in Toronto Therefore, George lives in Canada" Beggingthe Question: "All spiders a
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