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University of Toronto Scarborough
William Seager

PHLA10- Lec #2 (sept 5, 2013)  Conceptual analysis = tools of philo (use of logic and reasoning) o Ex: Fred is a bachelor, we can do some conceptual analysis and derive certain info (ie. He’s not married)  Don’t know how to answer the big q’s therefore don’t know how to set up a lab  The hand off questions of philo that can be answered through a lab (now a branch of sci)  Thought experiments  imagine a sitch, and use conceptual analysis to imagine what will happen in the situation  New field: x5 aka experimental philo let’s actually go and ask people to imagine certain situations and then keep track of it, and then make a dist of the answers. o Trolly car example  switch the direction to kill one to save 5 or not (what’s right, what’s wrong?)  In class: Violinist example (would you stay connected to the person, or not) o Are you morally obliged to stay connected? o Kind of philosophical laboratory (experimental philo)  Claim: cultural differences in possible answers etc  Eliot Sobers hates mystical gurus o Not about feelings, rather about logic and reasoning  Biggest tool we have = Arguments o Argument = syst of statements or proposition which are put together so they hopefully lead to some conclusion o Structure is always divided into 2  Premises (set up of sitch)  Conclusion (what are you trying to get out of it)  Premises must be related to the conclusions o Premises must give you a good reason to believe the conclusion  One impt form of arguments = Deductive arguments o Aims to absolutely guarantee that the conclusion is true
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