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Zachariah Campbell

Meelika Harnarain 998211019 PHLA10 TUT0003 Exercise 3 1) Arguments from analogy have the following properties: Object A has property P, Object A and Object T are similar to degree n. T has property P. Analogy looks at how similar the analogs are to the targets, if its very similar then the analogy is strong, if it is not similar then the analogy is weak. 2) An argument from design might be a weak inductive argument because we only have one universe to compare ourselves to. The purpose of inductive argument is to extrapolate a claim using the information we get from a sample, and since the design argument claims that we are the products of intelligent design, we need to look at other universes which are products of intelligent design, however there are none. Therefore, it is a weak inductive argument. 3) Theistic evolution says that God set mindless evolutionary processes in motion; these processes, once underway, are enough to explain the observed features of organisms. Creationism disagrees with both, it maintains not just that God set mindless evolutionary processes in motion, but also that he intervenes in these mindless processes, doing work that the mindless processes are incapable of doing. Therefore the difference is that with theistic evolutionism, after God set mindless evolutionary objects in motion, he just left. However, with creationism, he set them in motion and also intervened to help them do work that they were incapable of doing. 4) The 2 law of thermodynamic states that a closed system will mo
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