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William Seager

PHLA10 Reason and Truth Exercise 6 1. Outline the three conditions that make up the JTB theory of knowledge. For any individual S and any proposition p, S knows p if and only if a. S believes that p. b. p is true. c. S is justified in believing that p. 2. Try to think up your own counterexample to the JTB theory (an example that is of the same kind as Sober produces). Sober’s counterexample is a case of justified true belief that is not knowledge; in cases like this, people are justified in believing a proposition even if this proposition is not certain to be true. My counterexample of this type is: Peter eats an apple this morning and he believes eating apples will cause stomachache. Peter does have a stomachache that evening. So his belief about apples causing stomachache was true and well justified. However, it’s not certain that eating an apple would make people have stomachache or else Peter wouldn’t have eaten the apple at all. 3. What does Sober mean by the philosophical term "skepticism"? The idea that we don’t know anything 4. Outline th
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