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University of Toronto Scarborough
William Seager

PHLA10 Reason and Truth Exercise 8 1. What is the difference between dualism and materialism? The difference lies on whether they think mind and matter are different things or not. Dualism says mind and matter are different things while materialism believes mind is a part of the material world. 2. What is Leibniz's Law? What is it good for? Leibniz’s Law says if two objects X and Y are identical, then properties of X must be properties of Y, and vice versa. It indicates that X having a property that Y lacks can imply that X is not Y. This law is good for arguments that try to identify if two objects are the same thing. 3. Explain what is wrong (according to Sober) with the first Cartesian argument for dualism. Sober thinks dualism doesn’t follow the premises the first Cartesian argument gives. He argues that indubitable existence is not a property. When you try to say that A doubts or cannot doubt B, this is a property of A instead of B. 4. What is the second Cartesian argument for dualism? The body has spatial properties The mind has no spatial properties -------------------
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