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William Seager

PHLA10 Reason and Truth Exercise 9 1. Why does the principle of parsimony favour the identity theory over dualism? The principle of parsimony favors the simpler hypothesis between two hypotheses which are both consistent with the observation. IT is more parsimonious than dualism because IT claims that feeling pain and having one’s c-fibers fire are one and the same event while dualism says they are two different events. 2. Why is it sometimes objected that the identity theory is a "chauvinistic" theory? 3. What is a "functional property"? Give a new example. A functional property is about what a thing can do. An oven can bake food; this is the function property of an oven. 4. What is "multiple realizability"? A function type can be built or realized in many different ways from many different materials. Now, on to Freedom and determinism Chapters (24-26): 5. What is the difference between "hard" and "soft" determinism? Hard determinism holds that determinism is true, determinism and freedom are incompatible and we don't have freedom of will. Soft determini
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