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Intro to Philosophy: Reason and Truth (Lec. 2)

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Dustin Stokes

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Lecture 2Wondering and arguingPhilos like to wonder Just because we wonder about weird things does not mean that there are not techniques to wondering and arguingThere are ultimately right answers goals We learn philosophy by doing philosophy We learn how its done by seeing how the greats have done it but well also try and engage in what they saidArgumentsWhats an argument A set of one or more declarative sent premises offered in support of another declarative sent conclusionIe Gatsby is a dogAll dogs are animalsSo Gatsby is an animalYou must offer support for your claims Dont just compliment other philosophers thats not an argumentKinds of argumentsDeductive where premises connect with conclusion such that if the premises are true the conclusion must followInductive premises provide support for conclusion so at most conclusion is plausibleValidity and SoundnessAn argument is valid if its premises are true then the conclusion is logically guaranteed to be trueAn argument is sound just in case it is valid and its premises are trueSo you have a valid argument with undeniably true premises best kind of argument
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