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Lecture 6

Week 6 Notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
William Seager

Philosophy Week 6 lecture 1 & 2 Alternative Hypothesis Philip Gosses Hypothesis God created the world a short time ago with all the evidence of an old earth and evolution already took place Compare: can we show that the hypothesis that the universe was created 5 min ago? Predictively Equivalent- two hypothesis that lead to the same conclusion - science cant tell them apart by testing - remember the conditions of plausibility The Limits of Science Scientific explanation is a regress of deeper facts - local vs. global question - global questions do not seem to have any underlying structure which could explain them - according to Leibniz, god can explain global facts - but arent we left with a super global question - why god & universe Priori can be known simply by use of concepts and without any experience or observations (posteriori) A priori truth and Existence some a priori truth entail existence how do a priori existence claim affect the question: why is there something rather than nothing an a priori existence claims ensures that question Two Distinctions - a priori a posteriori - necessary contingent Necessary Contingent A Priori 2+4=6 The word green applies to green things A Posteriori Water= H2O Saturn has 56 moons Green can mean something else H20- must observe but is necessary Saturn 56 moons- must observe First premises: god is possible - noted this is an objective claim - we can conceive or imagine what is not possible - ex. Traveling faster than light Grades of Possibility - logical - nomological
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