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Week 7 Notes

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William Seager

Philosophy Week 7 class 1 & 2 notes William james version of the wager - pragmatism: truth = the useful - for most beliefs, evidence matters - for some, there is no evidential grip - the provide a (vital benefit) - they are low cost evidentially Cliffords reply It is wrong to believe with out evidence because we will stop trying to test things and we will loose our ability to try and prove things, and thus go back into a state of savagery The Problem of Evil If god is omniscient, he knows there is evil If god is omni-benevolent, he abhors evil If god is omni-potent he can eliminate what he abhors Therefore there is no evil if god exists But there is evil Therefore god does not exist Possible reply if we were created by aliens, would we worship the? Would they count as god? Soul improving evil -evil makes us stronger people Sense of accomplishments But there is too much soul improving evil -soul destroying evil? Cant get over what occurred
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