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Week 10 notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
William Seager

Philosophy Week 10 Notes Is PUN a priori? - can we give a deductive proof of PUN? - Is it possible that nature should not be uniform - It seems possible, therefore, PUN sis not a priori Therefore, PUN is a Posteriori - so it must be proven either by observation or induction - we cannot observe PUN because it is about the future - so we must give an inductive argument for PUN Therefore, the argument will contain an assumption - the assumption according to HUME will be PUN - although this is circular reasoning and cannot show PUN Ex. Argument: - in the past, PUN has always been true - therefore, inductively, PUN is true Hume notes that this argument depends on the assumption that nature will continue to obey PUN The argument ought to be: - in the past, PUN has always been true - PUN - Therefore, PUN is true This argument fails because it blatantly assumes what it wants to prove Humes attitude towards induction - Hume thought we should reason inductively even though we have no rational reason to do so - He thought we (and many other animals) are naturally structured to believe in and use induction - Ex. Pavlovs dogs - Hume sometimes called this habit - He also noticed instincts which are built in by nature and carry info
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