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William Seager

summary from last week if you use certain consideration to back what is good or bad, then the same reason would be avaiable in any other similar circumstances group difference and indidivual difference -know an individual by basing this person on the group IQ argument -differnece between average : mean and median and mode --the mean is closer to the right if you have an outlier on the right tail -the mode is the highest point --example: most of the men and women are in the overlapping portion , even though the mode for both groups are displaced --so all gender differences are of this kind : when you heard men are this, or women are that--it only means the two curves 's mode and average are displaced( different) , but the majority of women are more masculine on this graph, since most ppl are in the overlapping zone --so conclusion: from the fact of being a women, nothing follows : which is really important, cause what ppl often try to agree is 'gender difference' . you should not feel 'less worthy' of being of this group( women), cause you two as individuals, can't draw any solid conclusion/inference from the group predication affirmative action -a way of treating ppl differently, cause they are a member of another group --this calls for compensation the bl
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