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Ethics - Session 5

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Kelin Emmett

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Ethics - Session 5  Nozick‟s experience machine  objection to hedonism  cite where the ideas came from  the course reader  *page, Mill, course reader)  footnote, endnote, or embedded citations  reread the Mill article  with the question in mind, take notes, focus on the passage  make an outline  points you want to make  read draft aloud  Nozick  imagine that you are floating in a tank and plugged into an experience machine that lets you experience whatever you want  the experience machine can read what you want  there is no need to worry about others  assume that there are no possibilities of the experience machine malfunctioning  ignore questions like, “what if the experience machine breaks?”  thought experiment  Would you plug into the experience machine for life?  you wouldn‟t know that the experiences were false  the experiences would match your personal preferences  Q. Would you plug in for life?  thought that the majority of people would say no  utilitarianism  max utility  1. consequences  2. hedonism  the only good things  pleasure without pain  valuable, good, and desirable in itself  intrinsic  means to bring about something else that is good  instrumental  objection: doctrine worthy of swine  Mill  it‟s a mistake that there are only sensory (lower) pleasures  false assumption  higher pleasures are more valuable  doesn‟t make hedonism  insofar as give pleasure and no pain  valuable for the pleasure as a means to joy without pain  false that joy without pain  objection to hedonism  though experience machine  Nozick thought most people would say “No, I wouldn‟t plug into the machine.”  there is something else aside from pleasure and pain that is important to us  thought machine gives pleasure and pain. If hedonism is true, people would plug in if pleasure without pain was the only important thing  1. The only thing of intrinsic value is pleasure without pain, hedonism  2. If he
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