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Ethics - Session 9

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Kelin Emmett

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Ethics – Session 9  beginning of unit two  Shafer-Landau  philosophical terrain and issues  note: focus of next classes  arguments  no objective facts about morality  denying morality  three arguments against morality  1. nihilist  there is no right or wrong  2. ethical subjectivism  opinion based (right and wrong)  3. ethical relativism  culture decides on right and wrong  nihilist  right and wrong does not exist  two versions of nihilism  1. error theory  2. non-cognitivism  error theory  talking about moral things is a mistake  making claims  trying to say something is true  describing false properties and claims  religion and atheist analogy  an atheist would say that religion does not exist  denies moral reality  views moral reality as an error  non-cognitivism  not trying to get to the truth  do not be fooled by the surface structure of a sentence  moral statements are often expressing feelings  expression of feelings  cannot be true or false  commands  cannot be true or false  moral claims do not say anything about the world  there are no moral properties  a sense of good or bad does not exist  nihilist version of skepticism  claim of non-nihilists  morality exists  claim of nihil
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