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Ethics - Session 10

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Kelin Emmett

Ethics – Session 10  Shafer-Landau  reply to moral skepticism  moral skepticism  moral truths do not exist  error theory  all moral claims are false  right and wrong does not exist  non-cognitivism  moral claims are neither true or false  not in the business to make claims using moral terms  subjectivism  depends on each of us  you (are the one who) makes moral claims true or false  your opinion sets the view  cannot be wrong  relativism  culture decides  individuals that hold different views from culture are wrong  culture cannot be wrong  sets right and wrong  subjectivism and relativism  infallible at lull of individual and group  the only mistake that can be made  internal inconsistency  note: missing notes due to lack of attention being paid  objectivism leads to dogmatism  argument against objectivism  Shafer-Landau  argues against the argument that objectivism leads to dogmatism  claims that it does not work against objectivism  two-part reply  part one: clarifies what objectivism does and does not state  does not tell one to be self-confident or arrogant  tells one to be humble, that it is not up to you to decide  part two: even if one is certain, it is not okay to force ideas onto others  Shafer-Landau’s claim regarding skeptic view on dogmatism  the skeptic would have a hard time explaining why one should not be dogmatic
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