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Ethics - Session 13

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Kelin Emmett

Ethics – Session 13  what will not be on the final exam  Prinz and the articles that were not discussed in class  God and morality  three options with repeat  all seem to be compatible with objectivism  1. God does not exist because lots of objective laws exist  therefore, moral laws  2. God exists and commandments create morality  therefore, moral laws are objective  (seems arbitrary)  3. God exists and commands things because they are morally right  therefore, moral rules are objective  (does not seem arbitrary)  Euthyphro dilemma  meant to show that 3. is the best choice for theists  Occam’s Razor  principle is to choose the simpler explanation between two  ex. Why believe in good and bad (or right and wrong)  no room for that stuff because of science  argument against moral objectivity  premise two  moral facts are not required to explain anything  ex. behavior  moral facts are not required to describe events  description of people and psychological  Shafer-Landau (page 96-97) explains why premise two doesn’t work  premise two is true  Shafer-Landau attacks premise one  second argument  #1. Occam’s Razor 
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