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Lecture 8

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Julia Nefsky

PHLA11 WEEK 4 LECTURE 8 1 Unit 1: Moral Theories -the principle of universalizability: an act is right if and only if its maxim is universalizable -a maxim is a principle of action of two parts, what you are going to do and why you are about to do it -a maxim is universalizable if it is possible to act successfully in a world where everyone has the same maxim -can break the principle of universalibility into three step test: 1) identify the maxim (what am I doing and why), 2) imagine a world where everyone is acting on the same maxim, 3) in in this imaginary world is it possible for me to act successfully on my maxim -if yes then the act is universaliable and is morally permissible and if it is not universalizable then it is not morally permissible -if the maxim of my action is not universalizable this means that I can only act successfully in the real world because others are not acting on it and in doing this we are acting unfairly because we are relying on others to follow certain rules while excepting ourselves from following them ourselves -universalizability is testing for fairness -but Kant also says acting in a not universalizable way is behaving irrationally, contrary to reason -the amoralist is somebody who believes in right and wrong actions but just don’t care and don’t think there is any reason to act morally unless it gets you what you want -Kant disagrees and says that morality is independent of our desires, it has power on us as rational agents whi
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