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lec 3--foundationalism

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Ronniede Sousa

foundationalism1172012 105500 AM FundationalsimIt depends on what supports the solid rockfoundationYou think you have a solid foundationYou are not willing to look underneath but doesnt mean other ppl cant see whats below itI think therefore I am Decarts I dont know what to belive as Im always wrong in what I believeThere could be some evil demon that want to deceive me to persuad me to believe 225So how can be sure of anything mathemicants Heres one thing that I cant be wrong about Suppose the evil genious is trying to convince me of everythingtelling me that I exist even though I dontIf I think that I exist then I tbe deceived then that means Im thinkg of somethingThen Im gonna be there to think a thingThen thats the rock bottom of belief that theres cant be anything more than my own existenceHow to build on it The way I got theredevarts is the way of my existenace stares and claimsWe have a foundation of belief and we found something soooo true then thats the foundation of beliefso for a foundation of belief you need to build something on it For 2000 years ppl believe that two parrell lines will never meetThis statement is so truethat no one confront itSome want to see what would happen if you deny itThey find two geometryIf the space is curved then any two lines will meet at some pointThe great thing of a circleLobjokshin geometry wki upYou have one line andThe foundation of the moralityYou thought yours is happiness or duty But someone comes up and challenges your bottomSo any truthbottom has to rest on something
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