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lec 4-happiness

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Ronniede Sousa

lec 4 happiness 1192012 101100 AM Summary of last lecture Reminders y Email toPHLA11utscutorontoca o Blackboard check for selfevident folders o Attendance at tutorials is mandatory and part of your gradeo Tworeading each weekbefore the Tuesday lectureat least before the tutorials y Circular reasoning o Little princess why do you drink to forget shame WhatDefinition of happiness y Sense and reference o Sense The meaning of the conceptsgives the specsdescriptionspecificationclassesthe thing has to meet to be called Xaka Intension of the termy The s is not t because intention not intension y Intension is the sense of a wordo referencecollection of the things in the world the intension of a squaresense it has to have 4 angles reference of a square need to find all the things in the world that can be counted as square o relationship bw sense and reference the more specs you add the fewer things there will be to meet the requirement for example vertebrates and warm blooded the overlappingviviparous vivi means new born and parous means to give birth happiness y what It means and what consists it y To find the sense or meaning of it you need to find some criteria first
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