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lec 12- singer on conservative view of aboriton

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Ronniede Sousa

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lec 61262012 100900 AM Summary of lec 5 y Paradox about virtue ethics o If Im virtuous then I dont need to make effort to do the right thing then just be a bad person ando So the notion of meritis a paradoxy Plato the theory of forms o Every concept you use you already have a prenatal idea of ito Whatever is around youthe real life just copy of those in the platonic heaven o So we have innate knowledge before we are born Illustrate with a proof who can recognoize of math when you never learnt math before When you are placed in front of a math truth as long as you understand it you then know it Not like geology or history which you had to learn before you see it Plan y Objectivity of knowledge o Subjectivityand projection of subjectivityy Euthyphro is our knowledge right or wrong y God and morality Not Objective and subjective again y Argument is good or wrong need to look at this y What are the criteria Whos to say what s real and objective y Measures of objectivityo If I see something in front of me then I use one of my senses You may remember in Maacbethm after the murder had a illusination he sees a daggerso how does he decide whether its a true dagger or just a illusionHe said let me clutch theeBut he didntThe judgement of one sens is judeged for a consilia with the agreement of another sens
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