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Ronniede Sousa

The author argued that morality does not need religion at its foundation He supported this argument by debating against three With the first one beingThe first one is that unsound premises religious religion motivates people to do the right thing the seSubsequently cond being religion guides people to act correctly and the third beingAt last religion commands what is right and wrong He started by studying the connection between morality and religion Morality can be defined as principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong Moral code can be used to evaluate and criticize a person or societys behavior It can be expressed in duty rights justice or regrets and guilt about wrong committed Religion on the other hand is the belief in transcendental certitude that create and control nature and us It can be expressed in prayers and worships to God to show gratefulness for wealth and remorse for guiltThere seems no necessary connection deduced from these two distinctive terms According to the author religion is even detrimental to the flourishing of moral conductIts commonly accepted by theists that religion motivate people not to do wrong but right The source for the motivation however does not come from human natureadvocate for humanity as a whole but a selfish self serving belief that God commands people to do supposed goodness via a incentive and punishment systemand A system explicitly defines that He God rewards those who follow by letting them into heavenand ensuring prosper and happiness on earth while punishing those who disobey with damnation disease and death Hence One can conjure that theists are acting morally to gain personal
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