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Ronaldde Sousa

PHLA11 March 27, 2011 Arationality-like a stone or a piece of wood. as a opposed to irrationality. When we call humans rational we are saying that we are the only species capable of being irrational. A fetus is not irrational because a fetus does not make choices, not yet a rational animal. If relevant properities are used to rank the rationality of an animal, fetuses should be treated worse than chickens or calves. OR if you think its okay to kill these animals than it should be okay to kill a fetus or a baby. Singer’s 4 principles of forbidden killing: 1. Fear of one’s own fate Risk of being terminated against their will. Justifies a ban against killing. Might violate respect for preferences in some circumstances. 2. Respect for preferences as criterion of welfare If value of one’s life can be judged by a third party, the decision of the worth of one’s life may become arbitrary. We must allow people to live even if it seems unbearable. 3. Theory of rights and presupposing desires for continued existence. Beings can have rights if they conceive themselves as having interests. Tooley-to violate a right is to frustrate a corresponding desire. To say you have the right to live presupposes living is a
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