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Kyle Menken

Week 13BiotechnologyImmoral and wrong to change nature of somethingWhat are the consequences of genetic engineering What are the drawbacks and benefitsDrawbacks gene transgender plants do not survive that long in the wilderness as the original plants Effects on nontarget organisms transgentic plant You might get problems in the insects that naturally feed on these plants Threaten bio diversity Im not so certain about because we already engage in it and we need bio cultural to feed ourselves Undermining eco mining service Benefits reduce pesticide use Increased yield creates more food from some amount of input Soil conservation fix nitrogen from the air instead of from the ground Fight too mediation I think its interesting new feul choices design certain bacteria that eat readily available resources and output something that we could useGenetic engineering one of the problems that gets in the way of providing benefits is the way that genetic engineered products are being patterened It requires huge investments to genetically modify plants These companies are patterning the particular versions of seeds they are making and this could be problematicImportant to recognize that a pattern you owe all of it Intellectual property ideas you own the idea but possession property rights means that you posses it but apple owns the pattern for it Difference between intellectual property rights and possession property rights John Lockes property rights The labour theory of property You mix your labour and its yours Pattern act authorized by Thomas Jefferson If you invent something you invent a pattern and you have exclusive right to it You can not use their seeds even if it ended up on your property Important that these patterns last for 20 years In order for it to work when you acquire property you need to leave enough for anyone else to use Problem in lockes theory if nature is exhausted and all of it mixed with labour the theory collapses because then you have no ability to go out and grab a land because everything is owned hence lockes theory runs into problemsWere modifying something thats already been modified through countless generations Its something people modified every year
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