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Week 11Biophillia love of natureEvolutionary story good one makes you make predications based on your evolutionary storyBiophellia as a prediction we evolved in an environment that is wild our predication is that there are positive ways of having itExperiences in NatureGo out in nature have emotional experiences and reason why I like it so much is because there is intrinsic value and to get people to recognize this we have to make them change their values hence change their practises I think we should change their practises so we could change their valuesInstead of telling them to have the experiences you need to make it relevant to themWilson CritiqueFirst point larger animals are important to us because we eat them they eat us etc Apple etc they catch our attention Larger animals grabbing our attention and being more relevant to us Thats the problem he points out People care more about larger animals than small ones like insectsAll these factors combined make it seem like it is less importantGouldAdaptiationists believe species diverge from one another and it takes a long time for them to do so but Gould believes it happens quickly due to environmental conditionsChimpanzees and Banabos river split and Chimps had to deal with Gorrillas and Banabos on the other side of the river dont have to deal with Gorillas Geographic isolationReasons for and againstMichal mass extinctions help to push evolutionary processIgnores considerations of scale because it takes a long time for this recovery to take place so if we make them extinct then it would take long for this to happenConsideration of scaleTakes a long time for process to happen
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