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Kyle Menken

WEEK 5 PHLB02If you can experience pain and suffering you have an interest in avoiding itAll reasons for disregarding animal interests are arbitrary and calls this speciesistsAt least some animals have interests like usWhy is the capacity for suffering and happiness the most important capacityoIf you pick intelligence then we disregard those moral concernoRationality would exclude young children and disabledoPrinciple of equality is the most supreme oOther categorization dont get you the right kind of equalityThere might be other things for humans like our capacity to enter agreements that mayDoesnt deny that human beings might have interest that are different from animals based on different capabilitiesWhat makes a action right is that it might have the best consequences impartiality everybodys pain counts for one and no more than one pleasure is the only goodhedonismSatisfying your interests whatever they may Singer believesEqual consideration is not the same as equal treatment WhyoYou dont treat people exact same way because it might hurt them For example slapping a horse vs slapping a babyoMental disabilities they dont have the same interests as othersoAutism their interests to be equal to us but they dont engage in relationships like others means they have a different setoWhen we make decisions that affect each other we do our best to consider their interestsWe can project future states and imagine ourselves living in them this means we would suffer moreoHuman dying from cancer would have a tougher life because they know they are dying whereas the mouse does not know that they are dying
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