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Lecture 4

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Kyle Menken

Lecture Notes Week 4Rene Descartes 15961650oActive in all areas of researchoCommonly called the father of modern philosophyoup until 1950 people believed it was intellectually unacceptable to say a mind was composed of matteroBelieved there were two types of substances what really exists so he said 1 Thinking substance capable of thought 2 Extended substance matter extended in a special tense matter that thinks and matter extended in spaceoHe believed natural world could be understood as machines including animalsoHe partook in dissection of animals and he believed that it was okay to do it because he thought animals didnt have any moral souls Difference between animals and humans is that humans have souls and animals do notoargument with regards to humans he say theres two principles that cause our motions the corporeal soul and incorporeal soulcorporal soulsincorporeal souloYou dont need to invoke the incorporeal soul to explain the motions of animals So you could explain everything animals do without invoking incorporeal souloIncorporeal soul use of language engage in flexible behaviour based on knowledge You need incorporeal soul to engage in feelings of suffering experiences etc Hence since an animal doesnt have incorporeal soul we can do anything we want to itoFIX SENTENCEACT FROM KNOWLEDGE NOT LANGUUAGEoOnly human beings have incorporeal souls not animalsoProblems with his argumentIts dualism how can something immaterial act with something material4 categories of distinction
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