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Lecture 9

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Kyle Menken

Lecture 9When your choosing a topic readings relevant to topic goal is not to summarize reading pick one or two and work with them Need a THESISSumming up LeopoldWhat we should think about after reading this instead of using wilderness model where goal of environmental ethics is to preserve we have to think of places we live as being ecologically structured environment and think of best way to integrate our living with thatThe Deep Ecology MovementStarted by NessHe developed a hybrid of philosophical ethics and ecology viewInstead of thinking of man and environment its a matter of what pops out in your mind firstWhat is the deep ecology movement we look at background first instead of individual membersHaving experiences in nature is one of the great goods of human life Biospehric requires you to go out and spend time in nature Diversity thinks diversity is going to be important for stability Idea that people have that you need to change ideas before you change your practises However he says that it is the practise you need to change He emphasizes the importance of nature as part of the good life 8 PrinciplesIntrinsic value important read into Derivational systemAt the top what is considered peoples world views BudhistLevel two is the 8 point deep ecology viewpoint and his idea is that these views could be justified by the world views It could be shared regardless of different viewsWishful thinking trying to take intrinsic values for instrumental reasons
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