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Lecture 1 - Social Issue 10 January2011 15:22 What is a social Issue? - There is no consensus (substantial disagreement) }ZL[ }KL]ZZLoZZZ]Z]Z2KL Whether or not we ought to have police but the kind of powers the police should have is a social issue. - People on both (or more) sides that have arguments People use arguments They give reasons not just a statement of I dont like that Remain intractable - there are people on both sides with very articulate reasons People develop more on more their reasons - Can be influenced by public policy Must be affected somehow by human action Is something where the debate is about the ACTIONS we ought to take Just because something is contentious, if you cant do anything about it, its not a social issue (e.g. Did Shakespeare write his plays or not?) Difficulties - Issues on which many people have opinions Different compared to other issues such as scientific ones, etc. - Some people have more information than others, yet more people believe they are entitled to an opinion Entitlement of the experts are diminishedor completely gone - Even those with informed opinions disagree Information doesnt seem to change qualification Can Philosophy help? - Yes - We have several important tools: Logic People have arguments t
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