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Lecture 5

PHLB07 - Week 3, Lecture 5 Notes

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Kelin Emmett

PHLB07 - Week 3, Lecture 5 Weekly Readings: Euthyphro - Plato Morality, Religion, and Conscience - John Arthur Challenges to Morality • Psychological Egoism • Cultural Relativism • Devine Command Theory • Subjectivism * Each of these positions presents a challenge to our common understanding of morality. God and Morality Does an objective morality require God? • Atheism is often interpreted as a threat to morality. • Divine Command Theory can also be interpreted as a threat to morality. Divine Command Theory Divine Command Theory (DCT) • God is the source of morality. • Right/Wrong actions are determined and revealed by God. − Accordingly, no God = no morality. Euthyphro - Plato Socrates debates Euthyphro about piety, or "what is loved by the Gods". Socrates' question: "Is the pious loved by the Gods because it is pious, or is it pious because it is loved by the Gods?" The dilemma: 2nd horn If it is pious because it is loved by the gods, then • Piety = being loved by the gods. − Tautology/circularity: it is loved by the Go
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