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Cathal O Madagain

PHLB09 2011 Lecture 8 A person is invested with huge creative effort-their own, their parents, their culture, nature, God Dworkin thinks: o Its when we deeply value the process that goes into creating something, that thing becomes sacred to us-irreplaceable Its because God invested effort (divine effort) into nature that nature is sacred (for religious folk) Its because Da Vinci invested the effort of his creative genius into the Mona Lisa that it has become sacred Its because parentsgrandparentssociety invest into individuals Does any effort count? o No. remember the great effort I undertook to demolish your house o Or the great effort it took to establish Nazi Germany We dont particularly value the outcome of the huge time and effort put in What counts is where the effort is put and what kind o Ex. Where we value the intentions of the creator-they were trying to make something good(for example) o OR perhaps where the effort is neutral but great (evolution) THE TRAGIC When sacred things are destroyed, it is tragic Ex. The destruction of the library at Alexandria by a mob of Christians in 391AD. Or the destruction of Buddhas of Bamiyan by the Taliban (2001). The extinction of the polar bear? Miscarriage of 24 hour zygote that was conceived accidentally Miscarriage of 24 hour zygote that was conceived after years of effort o Now that return is depri
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