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Cathal O Madagain

PHLB09 2011 Lecture 9 SO FAR Soul or person-based argument for fetuses rights (JPII) Mothers rights (Jarvis) Fathers rights (Harris) Beyond rights: Virtue Ethics (Hursthouse) The Sacred and the Tragic (Dworkin) Duty to Abort? (Purdy) Throughout weve been discussing death on the assumption that theres something wrong with it Next question: whats wrong with death? 1.Negative Conceptions of Death o The Pit of Tartarus - lower than Hades, placed there if being punished for something o Tantalus and the Hanging Rock o Tityos and the Birds - little birds would peck at his entrails for eternity o Sisyphus and unending futility: he ties up the God of Death. He is condemned to roll the rock up to the top of a hill, then it would drop down the other side, and hed have to do it again o The Furies: 3 demonic women who would repeat your crimes to you for all eternity o The wailing and gnashing of teeth o The Seven Circles - Dante, the punishment gets worse as you get lower through the circles. Different hells and different punishments for each level o The Ice Cave - Niflheim. In Norse mythology. Evidence that these hells are largely attributed to the imaginations of the people..its cold in Norway, its hot in Greece o The Zombie - The Mass of the Red Death (the Plague). The horror in this story is the character who continues to live after death. Their corpse is decaying, and theyre succum
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