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Cathal O Madagain

PHLB09 Lecture 14 A political language is a language that everyone can understand This is a language of reasons (not a language like French, or Swahili) So this means that the reasons presented in it need to be reasons we can all understand... I think people should not be allowed to play a panpipe on Tuesdays, because it offends the God Pan o Not everyone will have a grip on what youre explaining o Some people wont believe this figure exists and will have a hard time indoctrinating your speech into policy I think people should not be allowed to play a panpipe on Tuesdays because it offends my basic religious sensibilities o Now more likely for people to agree with you, dont need to understand, but they can relate I think people should be forced to play panpipes on Tuesdays because not doing so conflicts with my religious values o So what do we do? o We can go to war, try to kill everyone who opposed your beliefs Rawls Political Conception of Justice How do you figure out which laws should be set?> Rawls: adopt the original position The original position is a way of thinking about society, where you are behind the veil of ignorance You know what CD each person in the society has; You know how much money each person has; ...but you dont know which p
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