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Biomedical - Session 2

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Kelin Emmett

Biomedical - Session 2  hard cases  ex. a baby is born with anencephaly (absence of cerebral hemispheres and cerebellum)  new definition of death  whole brain death  traditional definition of death  not breathing  court decided that it would be problematic  precedent to rule in favor of the parents  moral theory and ethics  right or wrong behaviour and why  how ought we behave  what is right or wrong  what has value and why  "cause" versus "meant to"  cause: straight, coherent, consistent  meant to: allows room for deviation  morality is goal orientated, an instrument to a certain goal  pragmatic versus non-instrumental characterizations  pragmatic: instrumental characterization  technical system with certain set of rules  metaethics  considering if morality can exist and such  ex. metaethical concerns are more than "what do I do" questions, one version to a set of questions and examines what morality is (is it subjective or objective), a step removed  ex. Q. does morality exist?  ethics and morality  interchangeable use despite slight difference  source of morality, illusions  possible to agree on normative and disagree on metaethical  Q. what is rational nature and potential rational nature  ex. coma, vegetable, fetus  2 levels of analysis and justifications explaining moral disagreement  1. metaethical  2. normative  in-class assumptions discussion  1. begin with assumptions  2. challenge assumptions  applied ethics  study of morality, problems associated with specific practical context  ex. such as medicine or research, and so on  problematic concept, artificial view that it's cerebral only a
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