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Biomedical - Session 3

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Kelin Emmett

Biomedical - Session 3  Q. what are medical ethics?  ethics: moral ought/should and reasoning, how we ought to behave  normative issues, theoretical  question of guidance  ex. morality  practical explanation of ethics: biomedical ethics  some argue that it should have its own discipline  case 1.  moral question: is it moral to assist someone's suicide?  different views  personal autonomy and justice issues  self-determination  case 2.  Q. was it right for the doctors to ignore his wishes even after the initial shock?  possibly not in the right mindset due to trauma?  no consideration of other treatment options  more comfortable and less painful alternatives  doctors did treatment in Dax's best interests at the time  justified outcome overwrites the amount of pain Dax suffered  Q. why did Dax dedicate his life to advocating medical rights?  A. never know for sure about having a positive outcome  case 3.  infants born literally without a brain are never going to be conscious  will always be unconscious and if connected to ventilators, could live a long life  will die without pain because of no sensory organs  after natural death, cannot use organs (moral implications)  claim: child cannot continue to have a normal existence  considerations: value of life  parents will suffer and need to think about their families  problem with killing infants for organ harvest  infants are legal entities  based on the definition of our determination, can override law and determine value of life  definitions of death  traditional definition of death: when the heart and lung stops  legal (and current) definition of death (because of new technology): whole brain death  Q. why the whole brain?  A. something in the brain is still alive
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