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Biomedical - Session 6

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Kelin Emmett

Biomedical - Session 6  study guide  lecture notes  moral theory  guide through course  schedule  right to health care  competancy  1. standards of competence  2. multi-culturalism challenges  3. interest of family  informed consent  concept  right to information  three standards of competency  1. minimum standard  ability to express a preference  2. outcome standard  choice represents what others would choose  3. process standard  process of reasoning  1. minimum standard  not really “competent” for checking for consciousness  not robust enough for guidance  2. outcome standard  best interest standard  does not respect patient autonomy  not enough room for patient self-determination  3. process standard  vague  how certain (does one need to be)  if it’s a life or death situation, one must be very certain  how far (does one need) to push  How tight or sophisticated does the reasoning process need to be?  balance between patient protection and patient autonomy  the process standard is supposed to help with avoiding paternalism  may reinvite worry about the best interest standard  harmful consequences  Who’s concept of (harmful consequences) are we using?  figure out how to respond to multi-culturalism and what obligations  respect multi-culturalism  how (to do so) in medical  respect patient’s family and need to respect the patient  not easy to reach decision  complications regarding  cons
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