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Biomedical - Tutorial #7.

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Kelin Emmett

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Biomedical - Tutorial #7.  structure  must follow  philosophy paper requirement  good grade  100% for TA  structure  1. intro  roadmap  2. exegesis  50%-60^ of your paper  reconstructing of the argument in your own words  not paraphrasing  do charitably, how the philosopher does it  state a philosophical problem at stake  precise, not general  unfold the author’s thesis  ex. 5 fold form  3. critical analysis  yours  cannot be done without understanding 2.  4. possible and/or actual objection to 3  5. your response to 4.  ex. “The argument fails to...”  good way to start  ex. “The philosopher brought up a valuable point, but...”  6. conclusion  define terms and concepts  tell reader what it is  ex. when I mean “x,” I mean “y”  ex. In an abortion essay, a person (“x”) is a human being (“y”)  note that in philosophy, the term “person”  can mean many things  technical term  when to present enemy’s points  do not presuppose things  no “obviously” this or that  thought experiment and possible worlds  considerations (of the analysis) in the future in the conclusion  using first-person is fine 
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