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Lecture 1 Notes

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Chad Horne

Lecture 1September 13 2011Benecence trying to help people as much as possiblethe principal of nonmalecence doing evilthis says that we should avoid actively harming peoplethis is the more widely accepted theoryon the other hand there is the principal of active benecence we should not only have the notion to help people but we should also try to advance their general well beingintentionally harming some one is still the same as accidentally harming some oneone must take the appropriate steps in exercising that you careactively promoting the well being of others do we have a duty to actively help others or is that something that is above and beyond us supererogatorythis is something you must do but is not required of youmost people agree that active benecence is a duty of those that work in the health industryVSThe principal of Utility we should aim to produce the greatest net balance of benet over harm principal of benecencemaximizationaggravationthe greatest happiness for the greatest numberin deciding whether to treat this person or that person the principal asks you who is going to benet more and will the total amount of well being in the world be lessthis is controversial because it allows for sacrices by one person to be justied by a greater benet for some one else so if i can help this person a lot by hurting you a little you should do thistherefore costs to this one person can be offset by benets to othersthe unrestricted application to the principal of utility is perhaps not appropriate in all circumstances or at least somenot just considering if you should help this person like with benecence but whether or not your time would be better spent helping some one elsemany people feel that these principals make up the whole body of moralityit does not seem to prof that the principals can tell the whole storyPrincipal of autonomy auto self nomos rulea person with autonomy operates with laws that they give themselvesthis is capacity for themselves to determine how they want their lives to gothere is something morally good about respecting this capacity in othersallowing others to exercise their own passion in self determinationrational persons should be allowed to do this and other people should not interfere with this
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