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Lecture 3

Lecture 3 Notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Chad Horne

Lecture 3September 20 2011cultural relativism doesnt do justice to our everyday practice of deciding what to do and our everyday judgementpaternalism the autonomous decision of one person is overridden for the sake of that persons own goodunder what circumstances is this justiedit is especially pressing as a doctor because doctor knows a lot more about what is good for us than we doit is also especially pressing because of various faiths that have certain requestsin many circumstances medical professionals are faced with a person that is temporarily under a certain inuence unconscious etc to what extent can we rely on their decisiontwo different kinds of paternalismweak directed towards some one that is temporarily or permanently not substantially autonomous and not able to make decisions on their ownstrong directed towards some one who is substantially autonomousthis is controversialsome think that strong paternalism is never justiedbut why is it sometimes justied2 strategies to justify it1 that paternalism is justied on grounds of benecence justied in terms of well being and health outweigh the costs of autonomy2 autonomy interfering with the patients autonomy now will g
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