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Lecture 2

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Kelin Emmett

PHLB09Week 2 Lecture 2 How do we determine whether a patients medical choice should be respected Recall four principles of medical ethics oPrinciple of autonomy Our ability to come up with our own conception of how our life should go oPrinciple of beneficence Provide healthsupport the well being in the most effective way possible oPrinciple of nonmaleficence oConsiderations of justice Distribution of resource equality These principles focus more on the relationship between the patient and the physician and no so much on the family members We need to know how these principles may come together and also how they may conflict Problematic Things About These Principles We may think that we may need to harm a patient for their benefit oEx Give them a medication that may harm them in one way but save them in another What does it mean to respect an individuals autonomy What is in the best interest of the individualWho gets to decide what happens What would be a good outcome Paternalism PaternalismThe policy or practice on the part of the people in positions of authority of restricting the freedom and responsibilities of those dependent on them in their supposed interest Page 20 oRelated to principle of beneficence Paradigm Shift Respecting patient autonomy involves respecting patients medical choices
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