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Kelin Emmett

PHLB09Week 3 Lecture 3Thursday September 19 2013 Christine Harrison et Al Involving Children in Medical Decisions Informed Consent reflects respect for autonomy of competent adult patients What about children oHow ought physicians and HCPs respond to the preferences and wishes of child patients oCanshould children participate in the medical decisions that affect them Adult models of informed consent assume that the patient is autonomous and has a stable sense of self established values and mature cognitive skills 3 oDo children have the relevant capacities They do but they are not as stable in children oHow do we decide for childrenPrinciple of autonomy Develops as we grow up however in the end we would like to respect the childs autonomyPrinciple of beneficence While we want to protect the patients best interests what we are respecting is their ability to determine their choiceoIt is our responsibility to protect the childs best interest oIs there some combinationbalance that is preferableWe need to make sure we can harmonize both interests oWhat if they should conflict Familycentered ethicoA familycentered approach considers the effects of a decision on all family members their responsibilities toward one another and the burdens and benefits of a decision for each member while acknowledging the special vulnerability of the child patient 30 Little girl has gotten a rare form of cancer gone through harsh rounds of chemotherapy had her arm amputated lost her kitty cat Eventually she
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