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Kelin Emmett

PHLB09Week 4 Lecture 4Thursday September 26 2013 ExamTesting for understandingShortMedium Answers Refer to questions in the back of each chapter John Hardwig What about the Family Many medical decisions dramatically affect the lives of family members but bioethics tends to focus solely on the interests of the patient Why oMedical decisions involve lifedeath matters oPreoccupation with biophysical model of disease oWe consider only the medical related consequences of treatmentoWeakness and special vulnerability of the illFamily may be equally as impacted as the patient Patients in the vulnerable position but its not solely just the patient Focusing solely on benevolence toward the patient and respecting the autonomy of the patient overlooks significant interests of the family oInstead the medical and nonmedical interests of the patient and family ought should be weighed equally sure competing interests of patient may often outweigh family interests Reconceptualising the physician and patient relationship oEthical role of the physician impartial advisor Is this possible Or is the role of the physician unique physicians are often unfamiliar with patients and their families and are trained to pursue medical interests not as family advocates Ethical role of the patient Patient autonomy involves moral responsibility oAutonomy involves the responsible use of ones freedom oConfronting patients with tough ethical choices might be part and parcel of treating them with respect as fully competent adults 78
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