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Kelin Emmett

John SeymourA Pregnant Womans Decision to Decline Treatment How Should the Law Respond Declining Treatment During Pregnancy and Immediately After Birth Main Question oHow should the law respond when a pregnancy woman declines recommended medical intervention that is thought to be in the interests of the fetus Can the state override the womans medical decisionmaking What are the ethical issues such cases pose Are there any circumstances in which treatment of a pregnant woman can be compulsory oIf so which Why Traditionally two opposing views about the relationship between the pregnant woman the fetus o1 Fetus and woman are single entity Fetus does not have interests that the law should recognize This view shows that the fetus is not an entity until birth Possible Issues Does this model have an application here Is this a plausible application This model may pave way to abortion in some sense oFetus is not recognized as a human in a moral sense How does this model apply to a fetus at 9 months oIt can survive outside the womb at 9 monthsIn a way it can be seen at 9 months that the woman is sort of holding the baby captive insideo2 Fetus and woman are separate entities Allows that fetus may have interests and that it may be possible to override the womans declination of medical treatment Marquis Warren Thomson
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